About Us

Our Story

By combining authentic experience with a passion for communication and service, Latino Communications helps clients build positive, profitable, and sustainable connections with the Hispanic community.

In 2010, Tanya Rodriguez-Hodges founded Latino Communications Community Development Corporation — a nonprofit 501c3 strategic communications firm that helps organizations serve the Spanish-speaking community in the Midlands and beyond. The company possesses a dual mission: to effectively connect clients with their Latino stakeholders and to deliver high quality translation and interpretation services. LCCDC supports the Latino population through community engagement, outreach, and education.

Tanya Rodriguez-Hodges, the visionary and the doer behind Latino Communications CDC, is truly an advocate—and an inspiration—for the Latino community throughout South Carolina and beyond.

Mission Statement

Building Latino partnerships by removing language, culture, and economic barriers through education, outreach and the arts. We are here to contribute, participate and advocate for the communities we serve.


Latino Communications will be a catalyst for a thriving, diverse, and inclusive community enriched by the Hispanic experience. Our Vision is to create equity and opportunity through economic, cultural and leadership programs. We will serve the community by creating outreach based programs and services while being sensitive to the needs of our diverse citizens.